Jadis Returns With the CRM in The Walking Dead: World Beyond Final Season Teaser

Jadis (The Walking Dead’s Pollyanna McIntosh) is reporting for duty with the Civic Republic Military this season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. In Season 2, launched Sunday with CRM Lt. Col. Elizabeth Kublek (Julia Ormond) testing asset Hope (Alexa Mansour) and her commitment to a future, Jadis (a.k.a. Anne) returns some six years after disappearing aboard a CRM helicopter with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). The episodes ahead this season will reveal more about Jadis’ journey so far from a junkyard on The Walking Dead to the sprawling Civic Republic, where she’s on a mission to “create a new era on this planet.”

“In the trailer, when we reveal that Jadis is indeed going to be a part of this show, there’s some dialogue that accompanies that visual,” TWD: World Beyond showrunner Matt Negrete previously told EW about McIntosh’s return to the Walking Dead Universe. “She’s talking about how much she believes in the CRM. She sees it as the last light of the world. We don’t know if that’s a put-on or if that’s real, but that’s what she’s saying nonetheless.”

“She’s wearing that CRM uniform,” Negrete noted, “and it’s also got a very interesting, decorative rope to it that we haven’t seen on a CRM uniform before. So it’s possible she’s a different part of the CRM, and we might be revealing more about that.”

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