J.P. Watts Interview: The War Below

We speak to filmmaker J.P. Watts on his directorial debut The War Below, which can be seen in virtual cinemas and will also hit TVOD on November 11.

War movies are a rigorous genre of filmmaking, and much more so when you’re working on an indie-level budget. J.P. Watts strove to do exactly that with his feature directorial debut The War Below. Even more daunting was the particular aspect of the war that Watts chose to focus upon in the film.

The War Below focuses on a less-known area of World War I in its story of tunnel diggers recruited to dig a path underneath No Man’s Land. The tight, claustrophobic setting presented Watts and his cast and crew with many challenges to work around in crafting a war movie in such a setting on limited resources. Despite these challenges, The War Below ultimately came together impressively.

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