It's Official: Kang is A Marvel Superhero Superfan

Throughout his time-traveling journeys, Kang the Conqueror has accumulated some of the greatest costumes in the Marvel Universe.

Warning! Spoilers for Savage Avengers #25 by Marvel Comics

When it comes to collecting rare superhero items from across the universe, Kang the Conqueror gives The Collector a run for his money. In a new preview for Savage Avengers #25, Conan the Barbarian visits Cidatel Kang, which is chock-full of superhero suits, helmets, and weapons that the villain has acquired over his days time-traveling across the Marvel Universe. His collection is extremely impressive and makes Kang seem like Marvel’s biggest superfan.

Kang the Conqueror’s time-traveling gives him ample opportunity to take items from across different eras to put in Citadel Kang. In his ongoing series, readers have learned that Kang’s origin is incredibly complicated. Marvel revealed Nathaniel Richards was recruited by his future self and taken back in time as part of his training. Along the way, he’s met Revonna Renslayer (who was Moon Knight) and will come into conflict with Apocalypse. Elsewhere in the timeline, Kang is the Marvel Universe’s last hope after Kulan Gath killed most Marvel heroes, leading Conan the Barbarian to call for his help to prevent the dark future from being permanent.

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