Is The Doll From Squid Game Real?

Squid Game features a giant and deadly doll as part of its Red Light, Green Light game, but is it real beyond the Netflix show? Yes and no.

The first episode of Squid Game features a terrifying doll, and the giant doll is kind of real in Korea. Netflix has a new hit show as part of its vast streaming library, as Squid Game brings a deadly twist to various children’s games. This includes the titular real-life Korean squid game, although the lethal consequences of playing it are directly tied to the show’s Hunger Games-style competition.

There are plenty of childhood games that the players in Squid Game are forced to play, but the entire show and the titular event kick off with a version of Red Light, Green Light. The well-known game sees the players attempt to cross a specific line across the field, but they are only allowed to move during the green light phase. However, if they are caught moving after red light is said, then they will be eliminated. For Squid Game‘s characters, that means death, and it is nearly impossible for players to avoid movement detection thanks to the giant doll in charge of the game. The robotic doll can detect any slight movement during the red light phase of the game and immediately establishes itself as a terrifying presence for the players in Squid Game.

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