iPad Pro (2018) Bending Issue

Shortly after the 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models were released, some MacRumors readers began complaining of noticeable bends in their tablets, with some of the bends appearing to be worse than others.

The issue received little attention until The Verge published an article on the ‌iPad Pro‌ with word from an Apple spokesperson suggesting that the bending was a side effect of the manufacturing process and not, in fact, a defect.

Image of slightly bent ‌iPad Pro‌ via the MacRumors forums

Apple device bending raises major red flags with customers after the “Bendgate” issue that affected the iPhone 6 Plus, with those devices bending due to structural problems that were later solved, so ‌iPad Pro‌ owners were rightly confused and outraged over Apple’s response.

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