In Sound Mind Review: A Visually Spectacular Psychological Horror Game

In Sound Mind is a strikingly visual psychological horror game about overcoming mental fears and battling the monsters that live inside our heads.

In Sound Mind is a single-player, first-person psychological horror game that delivers on fear of the unknown, and delves deep into the psyche of what scares humans the most. Developer We Create Stuff has taken the often-overdone genre of horror games and turned it into a more subtle, fear-elimination machine, and the result is a uniquely compelling game.

In Sound Mind has players take the role of protagonist Desmond Wales, a psychologist who suddenly wakes up to find himself trapped in his apartment building after the entire town appears to be flooded. Each level of In Sound Mind is represented by cassette tapes that are found throughout this hub world. When played, the tapes will give an account of Desmond’s different patients as he is transported into their psyche, where fears are manifested as literal monsters. Overcoming each fear-induced monster will lead Desmond deeper into the overall narrative of the story, as well as provide him the tools he needs to progress in the game.

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