I Am Fish Review: A Tedious, Yet Sometimes Charming Game

I Am Fish has lots of charm, but is often more infuriating than it needs to be due to controls that are intentionally difficult, but aren’t refined.

I Am Bread developer Bossa Studios has released a spiritual successor to its beloved toast simulator in the form of I Am Fish. Instead of flopping around as a piece of bread in a kitchen, I Am Fish places you in the bodies of several fish. A group of fish are given what appears to be the bread from I Am Bread, which in turn gives them an increased level of sentience, allowing them to move freely and aggressively.

Since fish can’t stay out of water for very long, there are various modes of transportation for the fish. Sometimes it’s as simple as a jar, while in other instances it’s a giant mop bucket on wheels. In terms of the scale of it all, it’s a giant step up from the large, but contained, kitchens of I Am Bread or the operating rooms seen in Bossa Studios’ other game, Surgeon Simulator 2. There’s an entire city to explore, from its rooftops to its underground sewage pipes, and there’s plenty of creativity – one level in a nightclub allows the fish to possess a drunk man’s body after being swallowed.

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