How to Watch 'The Addams Family 2': Is the Spooky Animated Sequel Streaming or In Theaters?

Just in time for Spooky Season!

Everybody's favorite all-together ooky family is back with The Addams Family 2. The animated sequel arrives on October 1st, appropriately just in time to kick off spooky season, and if you're wondering where you can watch it right now, we've got you covered with a handy guide.

For folks who are looking to get creepy and kooky at home, good news: The Addams Family 2 will be available to watch in theaters and on-demand on the same day, which will probably come as a pretty big relief to families with kids who aren't currently eligible for the COVID vaccine – or any fans of the Halloween season who prefer to cozy up on the couch for their celebrations.

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