How to Watch Hamilton Online

Just in time for Independence Day, Tony Award-winning Broadway smash Hamilton will be streaming on Disney+ starting July 3.

If you already subscribe to Disney+, watching the live recording of the show is as easy as firing up the video-streaming service and pressing play. If you want to stay up late (or get up early), the stream should appear at 3 a.m. ET / midnight PT this Friday, according to the show’s creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

If you’re not yet a Disney+ subscriber, you can’t game the system by signing up for a free trial and cancelling after watching the show. In anticipation of that move, Disney did away with its free trial last month. But at $6.99 per month, Disney+ is one of the more affordable streaming services, and $7 is a lot less than you’re going to pay if you catch the show live once Broadway returns from its COVID-19 hiatus.

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