How to Use Microsoft Teams More Productively

Teams can be a critical tool for working from home. How well it works for you,
however, depends on how many of the key features you know about and use, as well as how many tricks you know about for navigating this enormous tool and keeping it organized.

Microsoft Teams is one of the best team messaging and video conferencing apps, allowing
groups of people to talk to one another using group text chat, one-on-one text
chat, video calls, and file-sharing. In Teams, you can collaboratively make a
wiki for a project or department as well as connect to other Microsoft apps.
Anyone can use Microsoft Teams for free. Learning
how to use the core features of the app, like how to join a channel and post a
comment, is fairly easy, especially because you get brief tutorials the first
time you use Team.

Let’s look instead what’s less obvious. What follows is a collection of ten simple bit powerful tricks and tips that
help you stay organized, keep key tools at your fingertips, turn off
some notifications to reduce distractions, and generally have a more productive experience with this app. To learn more about Microsoft Teams, read up on how it differs from Slack, as well
as some of the alternatives to these two popular messaging apps.

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