How to Stop Smart TVs From Snooping on You

Smart televisions offer a lot of cool features, including internet access, streaming apps, and built-in cameras and microphones. However, because they are always connected to the internet, those TVs can be a potential risk.

Hackers who gain access can control your TV and change certain settings. Using built-in cameras and microphones, a smart and capable hacker can spy on your conversations. In November 2019, the FBI issued a warning about the risks of smart TVs to your privacy and offered several recommendations.

The FBI noted that TV manufacturers and app developers have the ability to listen to and watch you. But a potentially more serious threat comes from bad actors who gain access to your unsecured television and take control by changing channels, adjusting volume levels, and even showing inappropriate content to children. At worst, they might turn on your TV’s camera and microphone to spy on you, or use that access to find a backdoor into your router and other connected devices.

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