How to Share Files Between Android Devices With Nearby Share

If you own an Android device, a new feature from Google called Nearby Share lets you send photos, videos, and files to fellow Android users. As long as the devices are within a certain range of each other, you can transfer any type of file. Plus, Nearby Share taps into different sharing methods, including Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC, and peer-to-peer Wi-Fi.

Initially available for certain Pixel and Samsung devices, the feature is being rolled out to all devices running Android 6.0 or higher. A successor to the old Android Beam, Nearby Share is similar in concept to Apple’s AirDrop feature for iPhone and iPad. 

To share files between two Android devices, both of them must be running Nearby Share with Bluetooth and location services turned on. You can tweak the feature to allow sharing with all your contacts or only certain people. After both devices see each other, and the recipient accepts the transfer, the file is automatically sent. Here’s how it works.

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