How to Scan Old Photos With Your Phone

If you have a large collection of old printed photos, you can digitize them using a scanner attached to your computer. However, the easiest and cheapest way is to use a photo-scanning app like Google PhotoScan, Microsoft Office Lens, or TurboScan to help scan, rotate, crop, and add filters to your photos.

Despite the benefits of using an app, be aware that it may not be the best choice in every situation. The main drawback is that the overall picture quality and resolution achieved through a mobile app won’t compare with what you can get from a dedicated scanner. You also won’t have access to advanced settings like output file type, color mode, resolution, size, brightness, and contrast with an app.

Instead, a mobile app comes in handy if you want to scan a collection of photos quickly and don’t need top quality or resolution. You also won’t need to deal with connection issues or tricky scanning setups; just point and scan. Here are several photo scanning apps and a look at how they work.

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