How to Report Abuse on Social Media

We live in divisive times, which is why you should know how to protect yourself on social media. People use these platforms to freely express their ideas and opinions, including those that can be deemed controversial, offensive, misleading, or just plain inaccurate. For those reasons, the major social networks all offer options for reporting posts and users due to a variety of infractions.

You may find a post insulting, hateful, deceptive, or outright false. You may even suspect an account is a bot. It can feel pointless to report a single post, but if enough people report it for being offensive or inaccurate, certain social networks have been prompted to label, fact check, or remove such posts. They may even ban the user for breaking the platform’s terms and conditions. Here is how to report a post or account on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

To report a specific post on Facebook, click the ellipsis icon next to that post and select Find support or report post.

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