How to Get Into 2-BIT's Room in Deathloop

In Deathloop, 2-BIT is an AI in Charlie Montague’s mansion that players can reprogram, but getting into his room isn’t that simple.

Deathloop is full of mysteries and clever ways to take out enemies. The game focuses on Colt Vahn and the time loop that he’s stuck in. To break the loop, Colt must kill all eight Visionaries around the Isle of Blackreef. Following leads will give Colt various opportunities to complete his mission. There are various methods of defeating Colt’s enemies, including special assassinations for each Visionary.

Deathloop has many hidden areas and secrets, like the Fristad Bunker Intelligence Agency. Certain mysteries can lead to valuable intel on the Visionaries. Colt’s enemies each have interesting and unique personalities. Charlie Montague is a strange man with an affinity for games who put half of his brain inside a robot. Players can find Charlie’s AI, 2-BIT, reprogram him.

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