How To Customize iPhone 13 Photographic Styles To Create Your Own Look

With the power of the iPhone 13’s A15 processor, Apple is able to make AI photo enhancements adjustable through Photographic Styles smart filters.

Apple has a new way to personalize the look of photos taken with the iPhone 13. Known as Photographic Styles, these are similar to regular filters but more advanced, using object recognition to treat faces differently than landscapes and skies. Apple includes several presets, but it’s also possible to create a custom style to suit individual tastes.

The iPhone 13 has plenty of great hardware, including a faster A15 chip, brighter screen, and improved cameras. What makes it all sing, however, is the software and Apple’s new camera app allows the iPhone 13 to automatically capture rack focus effects in video with Cinematic mode. With an adjustable blur much like Portrait mode but available in video, this is a first for smartphones.

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