How to Create Your Own Successful Podcast

My favorite podcast, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, from National Public Radio’s WHYY in Philadelphia, has featured many well-known guests, from Hillary Clinton to comedy legend Mel Brooks. But what draws me in is Gross’s warm rapport with her guests. It reminds me, as a journalist, to listen closely to those I interview and ask intelligent, relevant questions.

It’s a great time to experiment with this medium, since podcasts are drawing increasing attention from media companies. Recently, Spotify obtained exclusive rights to broadcast the very popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience—a deal The Wall Street Journal said could be “worth more than $100 million.” And Apple has been steadily adding to its podcast catalog, most recently acquiring The Zane Lowe Interview Series.

Looking to get into this expanding and potentially lucrative medium? We’ve done the work to help you get started.

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