How to Charge Your AirPods, AirPods 2 & AirPodsPro

The information and instructions in this article apply to the original AirPods (with the charging case with the Lightning port), 2nd Generation AirPods (with the wireless charging case), and AirPods Pro.

The most important thing to understand about how to charge AirPods is that you don't charge the earbuds on their own or directly. Instead, you charge AirPods and their case at the same time.

Think of the AirPods case as essentially a big battery pack. When you place the AirPods into the case, the individual AirPods charge themselves by drawing power from the case into the batteries in the earbuds. So, there's a two-part, two-device process here: In order to charge your AirPods, you have to charge your AirPods case first.

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