How Monster Crown Is Different From Game Boy Color Pokémon Games

The early-access game Monster Crown is reminiscent of Pokémon games on the Game Boy Color, but it has a number of differences that make it unique.

Monster Crown is a modern RPG that pays homage stylistically to classic RPGs of the past. With its pixel-art aesthetic and monster-collection premise, Monster Crown has been compared to the early Pokémon games on the Game Boy Color. While there are clearly parallels to be made between them, Monster Crown has a number of features that make it distinct from Pokémon in both themes and mechanics.

On the surface, it would seem that Monster Crown and Pokémon share quite a bit in common. Much like the battling trainers of PokémonMonster Crown puts players in the role of a tamer that leads a team of monsters, engaging other tamers in duels and trades. The game also has turn-based combat and chiptune music, just as the original Pokémon did. Still, what sets Monster Crown apart lays in its world as a whole, as well as the way its people and monsters interact.

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