How Long Does It Take To Beat Alan Wake Remastered?

Welcome back to Bright Falls, as Alan Wake returns to consoles with a facelift. “Alan Wake Remastered” follows the plot of its predecessor with modernized gameplay that emulates what fans loved from the 2010 version. Unlike some remasters that revamp the story, this one remains mostly the same. “Alan Wake Remastered” includes six chapters from the older game along with two bonus ones, so it’s likely to be about the same length as the original title.

“Alan Wake” might appeal to “Stranger Things” fans or gamers looking for something new during the creepiest time of year. What starts as a well-intentioned vacation turns into something sinister when Alan Wake, a crime author plagued with writer’s block, comes in contact with mysterious monsters called Taken. One of these shadowy figures drags his wife into a lake, which jumpstarts an adventure to save his wife and uncover the mystery behind the Taken.

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