How Barbara Gordon Can Become A Titan In Season 3's Finale

Titans Season 3 episode 10, “Troubled Water,” put Barbara Gordon in a dicey position and she might be looking for a new way to fight crime soon.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Titans season 3, episode 10.

The events of Titans season 3, episode 10, “Troubled Water” make it more viable that Barbara Gordon will join the team as a Titan in the season finale. Barbara Gordon has been a staple character of DC since her introduction to both the comics and the live-action Batman TV series in 1967. She’s taken on the role of both Batgirl and Oracle, and now she could become a Titan.

The Titans adaptation of Barbara Gordon (Savannah Welch) has already diverged from the character’s original narrative. While both iterations were Batgirl, who hung up the cape and were attacked by Joker, leaving them in a wheelchair, that is where the similarities end. While in the comics, Barbara Gordon went on to become Oracle, a computer genius with an eidetic memory, in Titans, Oracle is instead the name of a computer system that has been deemed too dangerous and problematic to use. Barbara herself has taken over the role of police commissioner after the death of her father, James Gordon, at the hands of Mr. Freeze.

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