History of the iPod: From the First iPod to the iPod Classic

The original iPod didn’t have the most storage capacity or the most features, but it did have a dead-simple user interface, terrific industrial design, and the polish that define Apple products (it also has an interesting story about how it got its name).

Looking back to when the iPod was introduced, it’s hard to remember just how different the world of computing and portable devices was. There was no Facebook, no Twitter, no apps, no iPhone, no Netflix. The world was a very different place.

As technology evolved, the iPod evolved with it, often helping to drive innovations and evolutions. This article looks back at the history of the iPod, one model at a time. Each entry features a different model from the original iPod line and shows how they changed and improved over tim. (We have separate articles tracing the history of the iPod touch and the history of the iPod Shuffle.)

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