Hey Kids, It’s My Partner Eevee And Snooze Action Snorlax

One of last year’s most popular Pokémon toys was Jazwares Company Wicked Cool Toys’ My Partner Pikachu, a tiny, touch-sensitive plastic pal. But not everybody wants to partner with Pikachu. Some want a four-legged friend with endless evolutions. Others just want a nap. My Partner Eevee and Snooze Action Snorlax, introduced by Wicked Cool this weekend at the New York Toy Fair, have us covered.

The selling point of the $20 My Partner Pikachu was lights, sounds, and a plethora of different reactions based on how his partners tapped his face, belly, and head. My Partner Eevee is the same thing, only Eevee’s tail and head move. Take that, stiff-necked Pikachu.

My Partner Pikachu is not a soft stuffed animal. He is not warm nor is he snuggly. He is an…

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