Here’s How You Fix The Halo Infinite Battle Pass

Halo Infinite’s battle pass is still too slow, but speeding things up won’t fix the fundamental problems it has.

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries addressed complaints about the battle pass this week, which many have noticed is far too difficult to progress through without dedicating your life to the game. The challenge system rewards experience at the end of each match, and several changes have been made, with many weekly challenges now easier to complete, while some of the most demanding weeklies have been removed altogether. Additionally, a new daily challenge has been added that rewards 50xp at the end of each game. This replaces the previous daily challenge that rewarded 100-150xp after matches in a diminishing capacity, starting with 100xp after every match for the first three, then 100xp every other match for the next six, then 100xp only every three matches, and so on.

As it turns out, the revised challenge system is only slightly more efficient than the original version, and only after completing 25 matches in a week. A user on the Halo subreddit called u/pwdkramer did the math, revealing that the old system rewards more experience until the 17th match, after which the two systems jockey back and forth for the next eight matches, after which the new system does reward more experience… slightly. By your 33rd game, you’ll have only earned 150xp more than you would have in the old system. This is a situation where the solution only addresses the way the system feels rather than how much it actually rewards. Eventually, those 50xp daily challenges run out, so it isn’t possible to grind this new system until you’ve earned significantly more than you could have before.

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