HBO’s ‘Succession’ Season 3: TV Review

As the hit series returns, will Logan Roy, his scheming children and his sometimes loyal consiglieres be as vicious, hilarious and tapped into the zeitgeist as when we saw them last, in 2019?

In what is possibly the year’s most anticipated small-screen premiere, Succession begins its third,
pandemic-delayed season Oct. 17. The HBO drama — or is it a comedy? — arrives almost precisely two years after the second-season finale, with Kendall Roy’s cliffhanger act of betrayal. THR’s TV critics check in with the fictional media dynasty we love to hate.

DANIEL FIENBERG: In the real world, a lot has happened since the second season of Succession aired in October of 2019, from COVID to an election booting a presumptively dynastic, assumptively wealthy family from the White House.

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