Hasbro Unveils $700 Self-Transforming Optimus Prime Robot

This is the most advanced official Transformers toy ever made. Standing an impressive 19-inches tall and built from metal alloy parts, Robosen Robotics’ fully-programmable Optimus Prime walks in robot form, drives in vehicle mode, and converts automatically on command. He’s up for pre-order this morning on Hasbro Pulse for $699.

China’s Robosen Robotics has been making self-transforming robots for a while now, so it was only a matter of time before they got together with Hasbro for this sort of project. Revealed as part of Hasbro’s collector-centric Pulse Fanfest event, Robosen’s Optimus Prime is a true programmable robot, packed with a comprehensive set of functions. It can walk and drive. It responds to commands issued by voice or via a mobile app. Advanced users will be able to program advanced actions via code. The Optimus Prime robot comes equipped with more than 80 sound effects, including clips from voice actor Peter Cullen, and the classic transforming sound from the cartoon.

It may look like a toy. Technically it is a toy. But this Optimus Prime toy is assembled from over 5,000 components, including 60 microchips and 27 servo motors. That’s many more microchips and servo motors than I have in my pocket right now.

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