Halo Infinite Campaign Praised by Xbox Boss

One of the main faces behind the Xbox brand has recently praised the campaign of Halo Infinite, bringing a lot of excitement to fans who are hoping to see more from the game mode in the near future. Over the past year, developer 343 Industries has largely opted to not show anything further from the campaign of Halo Infinite, causing a number of fans to question how development on this aspect of the title is going. In the case of one Xbox boss, though, it sounds like the single-player component of the game is something that will end up being quite enjoyable. 

In a recent interaction on Twitter, Xbox GM Aaron Greenberg was sharing his thoughts on the recent Halo Infinite flight that took place over the weekend. When another user ended up sharing their own experience with Infinite’s multiplayer mode with Greenberg, he responded and revealed that he has recently played the campaign for himself. Although Greenberg didn’t reveal much about the campaign of Halo Infinite, he did say that it left him “smiling all weekend!”

Same here Benji, got to play some campaign on Friday and been smiling all weekend!

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