GTA Online Voice Chat Options Explained (& How To Turn It Off)

GTA Online’s voice chat can be an annoyance for players. Thankfully, there are some ways to turn if off completely or just mute other people.

Voice chat features in online games are pretty common now, but that doesn’t mean everyone likes them. Grand Theft Auto Online is one of several popular online games that allows players to communicate to one another over voice chat. However, some players find the feature unnecessary – or just flat-out annoying. Thankfully, there are ways to disable voice chat in GTA Online for anyone who wants to.

With a new island location coming to GTA Online soon, more players will be flocking back the game. And since the new GTA Online Heist can be done solo, and includes over 100 new songs, a lot of players might not want to keep voice chat on and just enjoy the game (and music) by themselves. For people who don’t want to hear others, muting or disabling voice chat in GTA Online permanently is a great way to enjoy the game solo.

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