Google Flights: How to Book a Plane Ticket

Google Flights searches flight prices without ever leaving the Google search engine. You can see which airlines you can choose from, pick a specific departure and arrival date, and view prices directly within the search results.

For example, you can open a new Google search and type “flights from MCI to NYC in October” to tell Google to find flights that match that specification. Or, if your browser has access to your current location, just type “flights to New York City” for airfare information regarding the airport closest to where you are now.

If you use the Google Flights website, you’ll see not only a list of flights but also a map of them off to the right, along with your current location. From there, you can change the number of passengers that will be flying; pick from first class, economy, etc.; view flights within a flexible time frame; filter the results by lots of different criteria.

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