Ghost Recon: Frontline Preview – Large-Scale PvP Inbound

Ghost Recon: Frontline is taking the series into the large-scale, PvP space by pitting 100+ players against each other in specialized teams.

Screen Rant recently attended a preview presentation for the next installment in the Ghost Recon franchise, Ghost Recon: Frontline. This installment is going to be a massive, free-to-play PvP experience that the developers claim focuses on strategy and adaptability. Ghost Recon: Frontline is being developed by Ubisoft Bucharest and has been in production for the last three years in order to meet the release window for the franchise’s 20th Anniversary.

Set on the island of Drakemoor, Ghost Recon: Frontline will pit over 100 players against one another in a variety of game modes. The one that the developers focused on, which seems to be Ghost Recon: Frontline‘s primary mode, is Expedition. The objective of Expedition Mode is for a team to make it to an extraction zone and call in an aircraft to get off the island. Doing so, however, will alert everyone on the island who can make the decision to storm the extraction zone head-on or play a more passive role until ultimately fighting for their place on the aircraft.

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