Funko Reveals Dungeons & Dragons Tiamat Figure

The five-headed evil dragon goddess Tiamat has been reincarnated into a jumbo-sized Funko POP! figure. Funko officially revealed the super-sized figure of Tiamat today, which will be a Limited Edition release at this year’s New York Comic Con and Funko Virtual Con events taking place this weekend. Tiamat’s super-sized figure will come with a special 20-sided dice designed just for the figure. You can check out the full figure, which features Funko-ized representations of Tiamat’s five heads, in the tweet below. 

2021 NYCC Exclusive Reveals: Dungeons & Dragons – Tiamat. #NYCC #FunkoNYCC #FunkoVirtualCon #Funko @Wizards_DnD

Tiamat is the queen of the chromatic dragons, the classification of dragons typically associated with evil. Tiamat is one of the oldest D&D villains in the game, having first appeared in the original Dungeons & Dragons supplement Greyhawk. Tiamat is usually depicted as being trapped in the first level of the Nine Hells, Avernus, originally appearing as a ruler of hell and other times scheming to escape. One such attempt to invade the Material Plane appeared in the two-part adventure Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat, the first two D&D adventures released for the game’s current Fifth Edition set of rules. Her equivalent Takhisis is the main antagonist of the Dragonlance series of books. 

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