Free Zoom backgrounds you can use to disguise your messy remote work rooms

Now that people are finding themselves working remotely or setting up virtual parties to chat with friends and family while maintaining social distance, Zoom is quickly becoming the go-to source for those gatherings. But when you spend days quarantining at home, cleaning up for a Zoom call might be the last thing on your mind.

Verge reviews editor Barbara Krasnoff has already told you how you can make use of Zoom’s custom background tool to hide messy backdrops or running children and pets. But if you need some resources on what backgrounds to use as your virtual teleconferencing room, here are a few places to browse, plus some of The Verge staff’s favorites.

Canva is a design resource service, and it’s offered several free templates for you to use on Zoom to customize your virtual space. Choose from animated backgrounds (a word of warning that these will require more processing power to run smoothly) or static images like your astrological sign or a custom placard with your name and title. Personally, I’m a big fan of the Conference Call Bingo.

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