Fortnite: Where To Hunt A Wolf (Season 8)

Wolves can be found in a variety of different locations in Fortnite season 8. This guide will show players where they can find their spawn.

Players will need to hunt a wolf for a Fortnite season 8 challenge. As the season progresses, players will notice that more Character Quests are added to the game. Currently, only three new characters have been added to the season since it began, but each one comes along with its own set of challenges for players to complete. This is easily one of the fastest ways for players to level up in season 8. The most recent character to join the roster is Grim Fable, a character that has all of their challenges themed around a variety of different fairy tales.

Before players can start this questline, they will first need to find Grim Fable. Fortunately, the game makes it super easy to find her exact location. She can be found wandering about in Weeping Woods. Speak with her and accept the first quest. Each mission will provide players with 30,000 XP towards their Battle Pass. This is great for players looking to unlock the Carnage skin in Fortnite, one of the most difficult skins to collect this season.

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