FIFA 22 Review: Subtle Improvements, But A Lack Of Generational Quality

FIFA 22 is a rock-solid soccer simulator with some compelling features built into its offerings, but it’s lacking the quality to make it memorable.

FIFA 22 is the latest in the annual soccer franchise from developer and publisher EA Sports. While fans will no doubt enjoy the overall quality on offer from the game, which features some subtle improvements for diehards that will be much appreciated, its most noticeable changes are also its most surface level, resulting in an experience that feels like it’s still lacking something special to push it over the top.

Anyone paying attention to the advertising leading up to FIFA 22 will know that one of its major selling points is HyperMotion technology. HyperMotion is a combination of machine learning technology blended with the most advanced motion capture EA has been able to implement in the series yet, resulting in what should be hyper-realistic player movements. In theory, this should be tangible with both individual player movements and with team-based formations, the latter of which will ebb and flow much more organically as a result of what’s occurring on the pitch.

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