Far Cry 2 Jackal Fan Theory Officially Confirmed By Ubisoft

Almost 13 years later, Ubisoft has confirmed that the villain from Far Cry 2, The Jackal, is indeed the main protagonist from the original Far Cry.

After more than a decade, Ubisoft has officially confirmed a long-running fan theory about Far Cry 2‘s villain, the Jackal, and how the professed character is connected to the original game’s protagonist. The Far Cry series is known for its villains and Ubisoft has never fallen short of creating detrimental fiends for their popular narrative-driven action series. Three major villains have so far impinged on protagonists, defining the franchise’s narrative by testing players, and the next upcoming installment, Far Cry 6, is set to expand this with a tyrannical dictator.

Originally developed by Crytek, Far Cry was released in 2004 and followed Jack Carver, a former American special forces operative, as he searched for a journalist on a mysterious chain of islands after being attacked and stranded by mercenaries. Though featuring open-world dynamics that created Far Cry‘s original formula, the title lacked a distinctive villain and introduced an underdeveloped “mad scientist.” After obtaining rights to the franchise, Ubisoft went on to develop and release a sequel to the original Far Cry in 2008. Far Cry 2 featured a new style of gameplay with a new setting, branch of characters, and a main villain. Far Cry 2 introduced a notorious yet mysterious arms dealer named the Jackel, which the main protagonist is assigned to locate and kill.

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