Fallout 76 Wastelanders: The Kotaku Review

Fallout 76 is an incredibly frustrating game. Its combat feels like trying to unseize an overheated engine by hand. Bugs and occasional game crashes, though much rarer than at launch, remain ever present. Fallout 76 demands a lot of you if you just want to survive, and a ton more if you want to flourish in its fallen world. Throughout all of this, you can never quite shake the sense that there is something worth uncovering beneath all of the post-apocalyptic wreckage. Wastelanders, the game’s first major expansion, is no different. It adds a ton of new stuff to do and collect that mostly just serves to obscure its few interesting characters and quests.

The Wastelanders expansion, released earlier this month, adds NPC companions with their own quests, an entirely new loot economy, and some new areas to explore. There are more waypoints on the map than ever, and I was routinely bombarded by new optional timed missions. Small surprises, like learning something interesting about a new character or stumbling onto a stranger in the woods, are more rewarding but much fewer and farther between.

“What if we spent our remaining years after the bombs fell trying to break into Scrooge McDuck's vault?”

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