Fall Guys Update Blasted by Players For Controversial Change

A new Fall Guys update has been released on PC, PS4, and PS5 and a controversial change it makes to the game is being slammed by players of the battle royale title. As you can see in the patch notes further down the article, the update is far from major, but it does make a change to the game that you will immediately notice. More specifically, the game’s UI has been tweaked, and judging by the reaction over on Twitter, developer Mediatonic missed the mark with the changes.

Pitched as “Fancy New UI,” the changes aren’t anything radical, which is to say, the UI hasn’t been completely overhauled to the point it’s no longer recognizable. That said, it’s different, and players don’t seem to like it.

“Oh God that UI looks so unfinished, looks like you just grabbed a UI pack from the unity store for your alpha build,” reads one reply to the change over on Twitter. Why has no real functionality been added to the UI? Saving combination of costumes you like etc?” “Now you just need to revert to the old UI and fix the problems the new update’s brought,” added another player. 

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