Fairy Tail Creator Highlights Gray and Juvia’s Child With New Art

Fairy Tail fans have been teased with Grey and Juvia having a child in the future before, but series creator Hiro Mashima has offered a new look at a potential future for the two with some special art highlighting their child Griege! Fairy Tail’s official sequel series, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, has been continuing the story from the original far beyond where it ended as Natsu and the main Fairy Tail crew take on the titular 100 Years Quest in an attempt to finally clear it off of the guild’s board. This means some crucial extra time with all of the fan favorite fighters.

One of the biggest moments in Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest so far had seen Natsu and the others return to Edolas since leaving the magic free world in the original run of the series, and upon their return find out some pretty big developments. One of these revealed that the Edolas versions of Gray and Juvia got married and had a child named Griege, and now Mashima has brought this newbie back to the fold for some special new art celebrating the “Gruvia” fan holiday for the fan favorite Grey and Juvia pairing! Check it out below from Mashima’s official Twitter account: 


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