Facebook Outage Has Taken Oculus Down, Too

A sudden and ongoing Facebook outage took place on October 4, and the issue extends to Facebook-owned VR headset brand Oculus.

As a result of the ongoing Facebook outage, many VR users are also experiencing problems with their Oculus headsets. The brand of virtual reality gaming headsets includes 2016’s Oculus Rift, 2019’s Oculus Quest and 2020’s Oculus Quest 2. Facebook went down for unknown reasons on the morning of October 4, along with Facebook-owned apps Instagram and WhatsApp, with many users bemoaning the mysterious outage.

While VR gaming is still a relatively young enterprise, many game developers have begun embracing this technology in recent years. The technology, which utilizes an advanced headset along with specifically designed controllers, offer players extremely immersive and realistic gaming experiences. Due to the relative youth of the technology and its application to gaming, most virtual reality games are quite short in length. However, developers have begun embracing the immersive hardware to create full-length games. Valve’s VR shooter Half-Life: Alyx is considered by many to be the most successful application of virtual reality to gaming so far, while upcoming releases such as the Resident Evil 4 Oculus Quest 2 remake will further push the envelope for virtual reality gaming.

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