Everybody’s Talking About Jamie Review: Silence Is Golden

As a gay man who grew up in a working class neighborhood just 30 miles from where “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie” is set, the most damning thing I can say about the movie adaptation of the hit stage musical is that it is not remotely aimed at me. This is the latest mainstream LGBTQ film more concerned with winning over straight allies than any queer audiences, its central tale of self-empowerment told with all the basic platitudes of a corporate Pride Month campaign. While watching director Jonathan Butterell’s film it becomes apparent that, much like 2018’s “Love Simon,” this is a frequently cringeworthy attempt at representation primarily aimed at the people outside the marginalized groups it depicts, and is all the more embarrassing because of it. If you think the A in LGBTQIA stands for ally, this movie is for you.

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