Every Star Trek Movie In Chronological Order

With 13 entries the Star Trek movie series can be daunting to navigate for the Trekkie novice. Here’s how to watch them in chronological order.

The Star Trek cinematic universe can definitely be daunting to navigate with its time travel, alternate timeline, and varied settings, so here’s a guide for how to watch them in chronological order. Star Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry, and is one of the sci-fi genre’s most enduring and beloved franchises. The first episode of Star Trek: The Original Series aired in 1965, and introduced iconic characters which are still the central focus of new stories today, such as William Shatner’s Captain Kirk and Leonard Nimoy’s Spock.

A further 11 Star Trek TV shows have since been produced, including the currently running Star Trek Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks, and Prodigy, with another series, Strange New Worlds, confirmed for 2022, and a further Discovery spinoff in the early stages of development. When the first Star Trek series was canceled in 1969, Roddenberry campaigned for a continuation in a movie format, but it would be a full decade before Star Trek: The Motion Picture was released, with a further 12 movies released after that.

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