Every Nicolas Cage Horror Movie, Ranked

Nicolas Cage has appeared in a string of horror movies, but which of the Prisoners of The Ghostland star’s spooky efforts are worth watching?

Nicolas Cage has appeared in several horror movies throughout his impressive career, but which were duds and which are worth a watch? Cage recently returned to screens with Prisoners of the Ghostland and Pig, two very different genre efforts that nonetheless earned the actor impressive (if occasionally bemused) reviews. Throughout his career, Cage’s eclectic taste in projects has veered from the laughably bad to the inspired, and his performances have received an equally mixed reception.

Few genres are as divisive as horror, so it will come as no surprise to discover that Cage has a storied history starring in creepy movies. Like Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Cage has appeared in numerous horror movies of varying quality throughout his filmography, with many of these outings arriving in the last few years. Of course, much like the rest of his oeuvre, Cage’s horror efforts range from the sublime to the truly ridiculous – and sometimes a combination of the two.

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