Every Kate Beckinsale Action Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

Recent release Jolt marks Kate Beckinsale’s return to action movies, but how many of the Underworld heroine’s efforts in the genre are worth a watch?

Jolt star Kate Beckinsale is no stranger to the action genre, but how many of the Underworld star’s many efforts in the genre are worth a watch? Kate Beckinsale recently returned to screens with Jolt, an action-comedy co-starring Jai Courtney. With a wild premise that borrows from Jason Statham’s still underrated cult classic Crank, Jolt sees Beckinsale’s anger-prone antiheroine sent on a bloody rampage through the criminal underworld when her friend is murdered.

Unfortunately for Beckinsale, critics were not kind to Jolt. Like the similar movie Kate, the thriller received negative reviews that called Jolt too unoriginal to stand out in a crowded field of female-led action movies. Luckily, Jolt is far from the actor’s first foray into action—and it’s not the first Kate Beckinsale action effort to receive largely negative reviews either.

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