Even Superman’s Enemies Think He’s Kind of An Idiot

Superman is one of the strongest and most powerful superheroes in all of DC Comics, but he’s not exactly a genius – and his enemies know it.

Warning: contains spoilers for Superman ’78 #2!

While Superman may be one of the strongest superhero in the DC Universe, he isn’t exactly the smartest – and his many villains have noticed. The Man of Steel is the most physically-powerful member of the Justice League; there’s a very good reason why many villains (and writers) find a way to distract or incapacitate Superman before executing their master plan. But in Superman ’78, written by Robert Venditti with art by Wilfredo Torres and colors by Jordie Bellaire, two of the greatest Superman villains of all time reveal their very similar sentiments concerning Clark Kent’s intelligence.

Superman ’78 continues the story that began in director Richard Donner’s classic Superman film, starring Christopher Reeve as the titular hero. In the previous issue, Superman encountered a robotic drone; Clark made short work of his assailant, and the mechanoid’s last words before shutting down were “…Brainiac.” Unsure what to do and feeling particularly altruistic, Superman pays a visit to one of the few men on the planet who can help investigate: Lex Luthor.

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