Eureka reveals Drag Race star Chad Michaels’ cut scene on American Horror Story

RuPaul's Drag Race star Eureka was absolutely living for Chad Michaels and Evan Peters on American Horror Story… well, before their character died, that is.

During a recent interview for EW's BINGE podcast, the All Stars 6 queen reveals that their fellow Drag Race icon — who appeared on season 4 of the show before winning All Stars 1 — filmed scenes with them for American Horror Story: Double Feature's Sept. 8 episode “Blood Buffet,” which were ultimately cut from the broadcast.

“Chad Michaels was there, she introduced Evan Peters' character, Patty O'Furniture, on stage. She was actually the host of the show! I was shocked they cut her right out!” Eureka recalls of filming an episode that follows Peters as a struggling performer who's turned into a blood-sucker at the hands of romance novelist Belle Noir, played by Frances Conroy. (FX did not respond to EW's request for confirmation on scenes that were cut from the installment, but Chad also posted about being on the show on Instagram.)

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