Eternals Fans Spot Classic Greek Mythology Easter Egg in Latest Spot

As has been teased about Eternals before, the Chloe Zhao feature will take place in two time periods spread throughout the years. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has even said the movie will span upwards of “tens of thousands” years and serve as inspiration for a few of the myths within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Fast forward to Sunday, and Marvel Studios officially launched its short-form teaser marketing cycle for the film, starting with a spot released across the film’s social media. It’s in this spot Eternals fans were quick to recognize an homage to one of the most popular Greek myths ever told.

In one shot, you can see Ikaris (Richard Madden) zooming through the sky as the clouds behind him look to form wings. This, of course, is awfully similar to the story of the Greek legend Icarus and his wings made of feathers and wax. As the story goes, the young Icarus was warned not to fly too close to the sun, otherwise, the wax would melt off his wings. As you might expect, Icarus didn’t listen and ended up plummeting from the sky.

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