Escape The Undertaker Is The Kind Of Gimmick Interactive Films Should Embrace

Netflix’s upcoming WWE interactive film, Escape the Undertaker, has a goofy B-movie tone that might work out well for that type of format.

Netflix’s upcoming WWE-produced Escape the Undertaker is a choose-your-own-adventure interactive special that, despite its spooky haunted house setting, looks to embrace a goofy, tongue-in-cheek tone that might actually benefit these types of projects. The film follows the decorated and extravagantly zany tag team the New Day as they try to find their way through the creepy mansion of legendary superstar the Undertaker, and promises a comedy bent that could be the sort of spark these Netflix originals need.

Escape the Undertaker might be billed as an interactive Halloween special, but the trailer makes it clear that the WWE-themed feature will be more fun than frightening. The plot sees the New Day, comprised of Tag Team Champions Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods, seeking to harness the power of the Undertaker’s supernatural urn for the “power of positivity.” Little do they know that the Undertaker has booby-trapped his abode in order to use the “souls of the good” for the urn himself. The premise is unmistakeably silly – but so is arguably the entire concept of a choose-your-own-adventure movie.

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