Epic Games Acquires Harmonix To Help “Build The Metaverse”

It sounds like Fortnite concerts might be getting an overhaul.

Epic Games today announced that it has acquired Harmonix, the studio behind popular rhythm games such as Rock Band and Dance Central. The move is part of Epic Games' large-scale plan to “build the metaverse,” and it sounds like Fortnite will be closely tied to the future of Harmonix.

According to a statement from Epic Games' VP of game development, Alain Tascan, Harmonix will be integral to turning Fortnite's concerts into an active experience. It's unclear how exactly that'll manifest in-game, but it sounds rather ambitious.

“Music is already bringing millions of people together in Fortnite, from our emotes to global concerts and events,” said Tascan. “Together with the Harmonix team we will transform how players experience music, going from passive listeners to active participants.”

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