Elden Ring Confirmed To Be In Final Stages Of Development

Producer Yasuhiro Kitao confirmed that Elden Ring currently resides in the final stages of production, meaning it may maintain its 2022 due date.

Producer Yasuhiro Kitao’s confirmation that Elden Ring is in its final stages of development suggests the eagerly-waited RPG will launch in early 2022 as planned. Unveiled more than two years ago during E3 2019, FromSoftware’s newest role-playing title maintained an air of mystery for quite a long while. Fortunately, Elden Ring resurfaced at Summer Game Fest 2021, with FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco unleashing a gameplay trailer and release date information.

A deluge of details have stormed the internet in the few months since then, outlining everything from open-world exploration and gameplay to character customization and story-related intricacies. Of course, the crew at FromSoftware is keeping several noteworthy pieces of information close to its chest, ensuring players have plenty to explore upon getting their hands on the RPG next January. And despite concerns that Elden Ring may receive a delay, there’s reason to believe it will adhere to the 2022 due date.

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