Eero’s mesh Wi-Fi systems are more affordable than usual

If you’re working from home during the novel coronavirus pandemic, getting a mesh Wi-Fi system might help make the best of your home internet situation. Because you can place them around your home, they eliminate signal drop-outs as well as the need to stay close to your Wi-Fi router. Thus, you can get work done anywhere you see fit within your home.

Several of Eero’s mesh Wi-Fi products are discounted at Amazon and Best Buy right now. These have a slower throughput than Eero’s Pro lineup of mesh Wi-Fi gadgets, but according to our review by Dan Seifert, they’re simple to set up and manage. And importantly, they provide good wireless coverage. You can either buy a single mesh Wi-Fi router or a pack of three. And good news: if you only need one now, you can easily add more routers to your mesh network later on.


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